AUDICIS is an auditing and accounting firm run by Mohamed BOUMESMAR, an accountant who began his professional career in 1986 alongside national and foreign managers well versed in the inner workings of auditing and consulting in a wide range of environments.

Today the firm has a team of more than thirty people, ready to offer immediate support in the following range of services :

  • Auditing
  • Accounting support and advisory services
  • Tax support and advisory services
  • Legal support and advisory service
  • Financial consulting and project financing
  • Support and consulting for company set-up, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring
  • Management and organisational consulting
  • Procedural implementation and analytical accounting system setup
  • Consolidation and IFRS norms
  • Inter and intra-firm training programmes

Our resident experts and staff are organised into the following departments :

  • ­Auditing
  • ­Accounting
  • ­Legal, tax and corporate
  • ­Organisational consulting
  • ­Financial consulting and project financing

The firm supports clients from a wide range of sectors and sizes :

  • Private groups
  • Public institutions and companies
  • Subsidiaries and branches of multinational companies
  • Foundations, charities, NGOs and cooperatives
  • Other small and medium-sized companies…

The firm has an extensive national network of lawyers, notaries and other experts bringing together experience, reliability, and professionalism.

To further cater to our clients’ needs, AUDICIS est membre du is a member of the MGI Worldwideof independent auditing and accounting firms in over 80 countries, comprising more than 300 offices with some 6 000 professionals.

Our firm puts its expertise in the service of your projects and their success.