MGI Worldwide

Its presence in more than 300 firms in more than 80 countries across all continents makes MGI Worldwide one of the top 20 global auditing accounting expertise and tax consulting networks. Its ambition and local presence have highly contributed to its success, and allows its clients to adapt their specialisation to their local market, while giving them all the capabilities necessary to integrate the global market when they become ready, to immediately access the most up to date information on trade practices, developments and opportunities around the world.

Founded in 1947, MGI Worldwide has built its reputation on its expertise and professionalism. It has elaborated strict guidelines and undergoes routine testing alongside its members, to guarantee professional standards and optimal operational qualifications. That’s one of the reasons why today, the entire world speaks of MGI Worldwide as a landmark of professional relationships generators of value.

Why is joining MGI Worldwide important for our clients?


MGI Worldwide partners make close friendships with each other, based on loyalty, respect and shared experience. That is how MGI Worldwide works because that is the only way to run a professional business based on trust. Whether your needs are complex or just need one of our firms to make a quick phone call to a fellow member around the globe, member firms are there to support you. For many clients, MGI Worldwide partners are the first people they turn to when they have a business problem. It's as personal as that.


Like many of our clients, most of MGI Worldwide member firms are mid-sized or even small companies. The partners of member firms share exactly the same concerns as you do in your business. They understand the highs of success but also the challenges and sometimes, like you, lie awake at night worrying about them too.


MGI Worldwide is in every continent and just about every key economic centre in the world. We share knowledge, ideas, techniques and solutions around the globe. However unusual or complex your requirements, someone in MGI Worldwide will have the expertise and experience to help you. Whether you are growing your business or closing it, acquiring or divesting, consolidating or diversifying, moving into new markets or offshore, planning for your business or your family through MGI Worldwide, there to help.

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